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Artists & Special Guests


Carlos Libedinsky & Mariano Castro duo

from Narcotango Group


With the outstanding participation of Carlos Libendisky (bandoneonist) & Mariano Castro (pianist) from Narcotango Orchestra !

Carlos Libedinsky has been always experimenting different types of music, essentially Rock, Blues & Pop ("La Pera y Arqueros"), Contemporary Music (duo of guitars "Imago"). He joined the band of Emilio del Guercio & the "Ficta" group dedicated to Renaissance & Medieval Music.

In August 2003, he released the first album of Narcotango, a mix of tango & electro music. In 2006, he released a second album "Narcotango 2". 

"At the time when only few couples of dancers are still on the dance floor, and the magic of milonga is there, when bodies are "intoxicated" by dancing hours long, and we all wish that it will be an endless night, then come Narcotango alive. In this very moment I do imagine that music. In this very moment the powerful narcotic feeling of tango makes me difficult to quit, because of that very sensual and strong addiction it is producing all over me." ("Carlos Libedinsky")



¨Complex musician, pianist, guitarist, composer, arranger, soloist or member in different bands, Mariano Castro, from Buenos Aires, Argentina is established in Romania since 2013, bringing his vast musical culture, a statute recognized worldwide and a big joy to play.¨(Mioara Basca, Radio Romania)

Be there !!! On Saturday 7th dec 2019 at "Perfect Light and Sound" Milonga !!!

Orchestra Mi Corps a Son

IThree passionnate musicians from very different horizons met once and take you for an extraordinary journey !

Mi Corps a Son takes you to new borders between tradition and modernity, between Argentin Tango & urban Hip Hop music...

You will adore bandoneonist Estanislao Sanchez , bassist Anthony Planche & the human beatbox Bronix !

Be there ! On Saturday 7th dec 2019 at "Perfect Light and Sound" Milonga

Mi Corps a Son.png

Orchestra Duo La Vuelta

Great Duo of 2 passionnate musicians

Maxime Point

He attended Master Classes a famous artists such as Daniel BREL (Bandoneon / Tango), William SABATIER  (Bandoneon / Tango), Marcel LOEFFLER  (Accordion / Jazz) or the international reknown accordion player Yuri SHISHKIN.

Bandeon player with Roulotte Tango orchestra, La Gran Tipica Paris, Silbando, he was as a solo performer with the Symphony Orchestra of the Opera of Saint-Étienne (Suite Punta Del Este - Astor Piazzolla), under the direction of the great Chilean maestro José Luis Dominguez Mondragon.

Rémi Courtial

Multi instrumentalist musician, eager to learn, and avid of challenges (Master degree of Music Academy of Saint-Etienne, Music Professor, Master degree  in Musicology), this artist teases and titillates most experencied ears  with all his instruments : guitars, mandolin, cuatro, cavaquinho, oud, iranian târ, viola caïpira, saz, violin … !

Performing more than 600 concerts with Roulotte Tango, in France and abroad, among other orchestras, he is joining us with Maxime Point for our greatest pleasure !

Save the date !! On Sunday 8th dec 2019 evening !

andreas lange

Vj Andreas Lange

Andreas joined the Tango in 2005 as a photographer and has been dancing since 2006. From the very beginning, he was interested in alternative tango. 

Since 2015 he has focused his artistic work on the Vjing. Almost invariably, he uses his own visual material. Some of them are works that have already been shown at exhibitions, others have been created by him especially for the Vjing. He sees the Vjing as a form with visual elements to dance to the music. This results in a mutual influence on music, dancers and visuals.


Retrouvez Andreas dès Samedi à la milonga "Dance avec les Bulles" !

Dj Elio Astor

“I identify myself as a neotango DJ. NeoTango invites Argentine Tango to become contemporary by applying its biomechanics of connection and improvisation to the experiences and emotions of the world heritage of music.

Tango is probably one of the best dances that we have which is able to express all our feelings. The music is a way to let the feelings flow through our body. In these years I realized that I want more. I want more music, I want to broaden the range of these feelings.

“Tangos tell stories about life in  Buenos Aires, 100 years ago, about a world made of lost love, disillusion, nostalgia, solitude, life in old suburbs, lunfardo dialect and characters which are gone. You cannot dance on the stories of your time to tango music. In neotango you touch broader feelings. If you think of Greek, French, Balkan, Italian, Sufi, Yiddish music, you experience a broader range of colors of emotions – you can be on a beach, or in front of a sunset. You can imagine to be in Paris, along the river.

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” (Gustav Mahler, 1860-1911)"

Welcome Elio !!

Elio Astor.jpg




Dj Jean Marc Vandel

Depuis 2005, Jean-Marc agit activement pour la promotion du Neo Tango en organisant l'unique Neo milonga dans la région du Lac de Genève. 
Aficionado avide et eclectique de musique he aime mixer différents styles dans ses sets, au cours desquels il recherche l'équilibre parfait entre des morceaux très connus et d'autres plus novateurs.

Président de Tangofolie, il enseigne également le tango, en Suisse.

Il se produit dans des Festivals comme Saturday Neotango in Bristol - UK, Sheffield Primavera Tango Festival - UK, Tango Festival Honfleur - France.




Jean Marc Vandel Lyon 2019




Dj Yannick Lhermitte

Creativity, games & diversity caracterize the spirit of Yannick Lhermitte performances as dancer, Djs... on "stage" (practicas, milongas & festivals since 2008).

From tradition to modernity, he selects famous tangos, lovely vals & lively milongas.

Moreover, he is known for his exploring modern, neo & alternative tango (music and dance).

He will share with you selected "masterpieces" of music according to the mood of dancers and spirit of the night.

Contact :  

ou 06 87 01 21 25

Tangoureusement vôtre,

DJ Electron Libre

dj yannick.png

Dj Phil

I love eclectism and I do appreciate a wide variety of music. I am found of beautiful melodies. It is so enjoyable to feel that energy delivered by the dancers developing their own style.


Phil performs regularly in Toulouse a milonga of Nuevo, alternative & modern orchestras of Tango. As DJ, Phil actively participates to Tangopostale Festival in Toulouse. During the latest Festival Neo tango in Lyon , his performance was highly appreciated !

See you soon in Lyon, Phil ! :)

photo Phil.jpg







Dj Jérôme El Chorizo

Since he was young, El Chorizo, has always been passionnately attracted by music. Full of energy, he communicates his joy of life and his love of parties. He does create a very warm ambiance and takes you in a swirl of Tango music ! 


Dj Jitep

Dj Jitep adores Tango ! He loves so much directing milongas with musics from  30/40/50's ... But his very pleasure is to find new musics for dancing !

For sure, he does enlarge his directory, but he provides a unique opportunity to dancers to experience news feelings, even with nostalgic sounds of Tango !!!!

Why do without ???

DSC_8268raffaellater jitep.jpg




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