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Trio VGG
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Trio : Volco, Gignoli & Gonzalez


Sebastian Volco is a composer, pianist, electronic musician, guitarist, singer and producer.

He has a unique artistic proposal at the crossroads of electro,j azz, rock and tango. He has performed hundreds of concerts in America and Europe with his band "La Orquesta Metafísica", as a duo with "Volco & Gignoli" and as a soloist with The Volco Experience.

He has also collaborated as a musician and producer with great Argentine and French artists, such as Plaza Francia Orchestra (Gotan Project) and Catherine Ringer.

His musical career began in Buenos Aires in rock, tango and experimental music clubs. After a period in New York where he played in jazz and blues clubs, he decided to move to Paris.

Pablo Gignoli is Bandoneonist, arranger and composer.

Argentinian musician living in France since 2012. He has participated in prestigious tango, rock and jazz groups and is also a composer of film music. He performed in Argentina and in Europe and America as a member of the Orquesta Típica Fernandez Fierro, recording four albums.

In 2014, he created TAXXI Tango XXI -and he recorded four albums, Sweet Saint Denis (2017 ) General Food (2020) and GénerXs dYversOs (2022) and the brand new Bailáte ESTA! (2022)

He is currently training a piano and bandoneon duo with Sebastián Volco, the Volco & Gignoli duo, which since 2012 has performed regularly in Paris, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and New York. The duo has recorded two albums.

In 2022 Pablo Gignoli started a very successful duo with guitarist Javier Díaz González, a duo that will soon release an album with the great singer Walter “El Chino” Laborde.

Javier Diaz Gonzalez is Tango guitarist. Born in Buenos Aires. He played with historical references from the Tango scene: Virginia Luque, Nelly Vázquez, Ernesto Baffa, Osvaldo "Marinero" Montes, Juan Carlos Godoy, Osvaldo Peredo, as well as with Cucuza Castiello, Chino Laborde, Sandra Luna.

He recorded 30 albums illustrating different Tango projects. He made some tours in Argentina and in several European countries. Finally, he was a regular guitarist for "La 2x4", the tango radio station in Buenos Aires as well as for "Te Quiero Tango", a television program with Silvio Soldán as a presenter.

Be there !!! On Saturday 12th NOV 2022 at "Moonlight Fever" Milonga !!!

Duo E&Tipico

Orchestra Duo A.S Eiselé & N. Tipico

Great Duo of 2 passionnate musicians

Nicolas Spreafico, alias "El Típico", is a performer, singer, guitarist and composer of Argentine popular music. He offers an intimate show where the gentleman from the suburbs of Buenos Aires merges with his "milonguera" guitar to perfume the air of the evening with sweet, romantic and sometimes funny notes.

In a personal style colored with freshness, "El Tipico" invites us to dance the Tango, the Milonga, the Waltz, the Foxtrot and the Bolero inspired by the love stories of the golden decade of tango.


After obtaining the Master's degree in viola da gamba in 2021 at the CNSMD in Lyon, Anne-Sophie Eiselé performed in various early music ensembles. With the desire to lead the viola to other artistic spheres, she participated in different projects such as "Transcultural Confluence" in Denmark the Malian and Danish musical universes or even French song in Lyon. In 2022, she co-founded the duo Tiggarna with Colin Heller, focused on traditional Swedish music.

In 2018, she discovered the world of Argentine tango at Studio Tango Argentino. Driven by her repertoire, she dreams of conducting the viola there.


In 2022 Nicolas and Anne-Sophie met during an exhibition of watercolors set to music by the tunes of the viola da gamba. Quite naturally they improvised around some tangos created by Nicolas or traditional tangos during this event. The success of their formation made them continue. The fusion of styles, personalities and cultures of each of them offers a wide range of interpretations and musical conceptions.

Save the date !! On Friday 11th NOV 2022 evening !

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andreas lange

Vj Andreas Lange

Andréas started photographing tango evnets in 2005 and dancing in 2006. Since then he has developed  a particular interest to Alternative Tango.

Since 2015 he has become Visual Jockey, having his own input on visual creations and effects. Some photos are from time to time exhibited in Art galeries, others are fully dedicated to the Vjing. He considers Vjing as the way to harmonise visual effects to the music. As a result both dancers, music and ambiance make it all !

Andreas will be Vjing all along the Festival !!

Lika Kato

Lika Kato’s art aims at sharing her joy and inner universes, bringing anyone to dream. For her, emotions that are delicate and sensitive like surprise and delight are both the most personal, yet the most interesting to awaken. Her creations will be exhibited all allong the festival for your greatest pleasure.

lika kato.jpg

Dj Ezequiel Sanucci - Holland

Ezequiel Sanucci was born in Buenos Aires and he grew up with the tango culture. For more than 30 years he made an international career as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher in classical ballet, contemporary dance, and tango in Europe, Argentina and touring worldwide. He created his own style of contemporary tango and he is one of the pioneers and world reference of neotango and contact tango as a dancer, teacher and international dj.

Since 2013 he has played at most of the prestigious international neotango festivals and events in Europe and Argentina such as ElectroTango Festival Buenos Aires, TNT Toulouse, Tango Marathon Nantes, TangoRave, Phantastango, World Tango Congress, Zollverein, and many more. He is a founding member and DJ of La Neo, which is the first 100% neolonga in the Netherlands (his residence country), as well as co-organizer, teacher and DJ of the Amsterdam Neotango Marathon, The Neotango Weekend and Tuscany Neotango Holiday.

DJ Eze loves variety, surprising and to create different kinds of atmospheres during his sets. He plays many different genres and his sets have flow and harmony. He is always very sensitive to what is happening on the dance floor and is happy when people are having a good time.

Welcome Ezq !!

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Dj Sara D'Ajello - Italy

Sara is a dancer, teacher and Dj. She dances tango since 1995 and teaches it since 2002. She studied and practiced many other body disciplines, principally dance-theatre, choosing the tango as a preferential language in which these multiple experiences from different body and movement techniques merge together.

She is based in Naples, where she is the art director of 'Porto Petraio' - a space for art, dance and music - where she organizes the Italian edition of TangoNeta international festival. She teaches regularly in Naples and frequently in others countries as Italy, Spain, France.

In the musical field, in 2003 she started with other friends the musical project ’Sulle rive del Tango’ - a selection of non traditional tango - which is currently at its fifth compilation, published and distributed across Europe and the world. Many Djs and people working together on the musical research, creating the ‘poetry’ of the project, and she is often invited as Dj in many events and international festivals. As Dj, she plays traditional and alternative music, and she loves to look for “hidden” tangos in different musical styles

Dj Jean Marc Vandel - Switzerland

Since 2005, Jean-Marc has been actively promoting the cause of Neotango by organizing the only Neolonga in the Lake Geneva region.

As an avid and eclectic music aficionado, he likes mixing different styles in his sets, in which he strives to find the perfect balance between well-known pieces and new ones.




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jean marc vandel.jpg

Les Gones

Dj Jitep

Dj Jitep adores Tango ! He loves so much directing milongas with musics from  30/40/50's ... But his very pleasure is to find new musics for dancing !

For sure, he does enlarge his directory, but he provides a unique opportunity to dancers to experience news feelings, even with nostalgic sounds of Tango !!!!

Why do without ???

DSC_8268raffaellater jitep.jpg




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Dj Bricia

Tango ! A passion as from 2011 !

Since 2014 Bricia organizes milongas in Lyon with the association ARTEMUSIC. She join TANGO COCKTAIL team in 2018 where she starts e  commence à musicalizing « Milongas de la Platière ».

Her music selections are mainly traditionnal or modern with original  interpretation or adaptations.

Her great pleasure consist in offering a festive ambiance, and giving to tangueros the opportunity to live a vibrant abrazo, which is so specific to argentine tango.





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Dj Jérôme El Chorizo

Since he was young, El Chorizo, has always been passionnately attracted by music. Full of energy, he communicates his joy of life and his love of parties. He does create a very warm ambiance and takes you in a swirl of Tango music ! 




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Dj Aurelio

Dancer of Latin dances,  for ever nourished by the different cultures from  Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania & America.

Musicalizing is about sharing musics inviting people to dance and stimulating their fantasy in the abrazo.

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